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Why a Real Estate Agent is Worth the Commission

Why a Real Estate Agent is Worth the Commission

With all the ways to get your home sold through social media and networking, it’s not surprising that an alarming amount of people are “going it alone” to sell their homes. While the For Sale By Owneroption is, at first glance, tempting (especially for your wallet) the reality is, your agent earns his/her commission in a number of ways that you may not even realize.  

  1.  Of course, it appears you will recoup more money by using For Sale By Owner because you won’t have to pay a commission. But, your agent works hard for you to negotiate a good price on your home.  Without them, you might fall victim to the negotiation skills and tactics of the buyers’ agent and actually end up with less than you would have even after paying a commission.  Likewise, your agent will negotiate counteroffers which is something that you might not be comfortable with. 
  2. The real estate agent you select should know the area where your home is located and know the comparables. Because of that, they will be able to help you determine an asking price that is the right balance to compel potential buyers and get you a price you are comfortable with. 
  3. They will, of course, list your property on MLS and other places that will get your home seen by more people and sold more quickly.  
  4. The agent you choose should be someone who is comfortable and eager to hold a couple of open houses.  (They should also be able to give you ideas and resources to stage your home in the most effective way.)
  5. You will have to do a number of tasks that you may not be willing to do or have the knowledge and time to learn to do them, including contracts.  Your agent will make sure that an official contract is signed, and that the earnest money is in place by potential buyers.  Likewise, they will contact any additional buyers and keep them posted as to the progress of the sale, and should the contracted buyer back out, they will have the next buyer in the wings. And, if you are so lucky, your agent will also head up and manage any bidding wars that may arise.  
  6. Disclosures are an important part of the home selling/buying process.  Your agent will help you to create that list, and they will follow through with the buying agent to make sure the buyers’ have seen and agree to the disclosure list. 
  7. Your agent will handle the mundane and time-consuming tasks of keeping in touch with the buyer’s mortgage company and make sure that forward progress is being made. He/She will ensure that the buyers have secured homeowner’s insurance to protect both parties’ interests.
  8. The agent working for you will schedule the closing and make sure that all necessary parties are notified. They will have continuous contact with the title company and mortgage company to make sure progress is being made.
  9. Your agent will at last, schedule your closing and make sure that all the paperwork is in order, and all you have to do is hand over the keys and collect the check.

The most important reason to use a real estate agent is that it means more time for you, your family, your hobbies, your life! As your real estate agent, I will do all of these things and more.  I look forward to serving as your agent and together, we will sell your home, and you can focus on the new while I take care of the old. 

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