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Home Resale Hacks

Home Resale Hacks

Simple and inexpensive ways to increase the value and sale price of your home

Reselling your home is a stressful time.  You want to make it attractive to home buyers, but you don’t want to break the bank doing it.  You want your home to appeal to a large amount of people, but you likely don’t have an overabundance of time or energy to make it perfect.  Here are a few DIY hacks that will help you get your home ready to sell, appeal to a larger number of buyers, get a higher rate of return, and get it on the market asap.

More Rooms

More rooms mean more money and more buyer potential.  If you can convert an unused office or dining room into a bedroom, you have made great progress!  Taking an office and putting in a large armoire for storageor creating one of the many great storage ideasavailable online, you will attract more buyers.  Also, adding doors to an unused dining room in a house with a nice sized eat-in kitchen, will give your house a sought after additional bedroom.

Neutral Paint

Paint your accent walls a neutral color.  While that beautiful teal wall worked for you, it may put off other potential buyers.  Neutral walls may seem boring, but it allows the buyers to see themselves and their own color sensibilities.  


Get rid of the clutter. You love all the pictures and souvenirs from your amazing travels, but they distract the buyers and may cause them to disconnect from your home.  Allow potential buyers to see the space without tons of furniture, knicknacks and your personal photos in order for your home to speak to them.  

Go Green

Not only are efforts to modernize your home to minimize its carbon footprint (energy saving appliances, furnaces, led lights etc…) attractive to a number of home buyers, but also, adding green plants to your home can give it a really cool and organic vibe that makes your home feel like a home.  Consider adding some real or good replicas of fake plants for each room; it’s an inexpensive design idea that adds to the allure of a home (the best part is you can take them with you and add that allure to your new home)!

Lights, Camera, Sell

Light fixtures are a great way to spruce up your home without digging too deeply into your wallet. Find fixtures that go with the style of your home but that add a modern edge.  Avoid too modern, too country, and too fung shei.  Try to think stylish but neutral to freshen up a dated look.

Kitchen Redesign

Kitchens are one of the most expensive areas to update, so by all means avoid that costly endeavor. But, do paint!  If you have dated cabinets and finishes, then by all means paint them and give them a resurgence.  Purchasing and installing new knobs and handles will also give your kitchen appeal without much money or time.  Again, don’t veer too far away from the original style but do give it a modern and updated twist.

Stage It

Finally, to get your home looking its best, consider hiring a professional to stage your home or enlist the help of your realtor’s eye to give you some input on what is working and what needs revamped to catch buyers’ eyes and wallets.

Doing a few updates to your home can really be a worthwhile endeavor and increase your asking price and potential bids.  And, who knows, those updates may be just what you needed to “love it” instead of “list it.” 

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