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Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

Not enough can be said about finding the right real estate agent, so we’ll help you find the right one!

Selling or buying a home are big deals!  Buying a home is likely to be the most expensive decision you are likely to make, and selling your home is sure to impact your financial not to mention lifestyle future. Because the process of buying or selling is such a big deal, it’s extremely important that the person you entrust to help with these decisions, your real estate agent, is someone who will help you get it right! Here are a few tips to help you decide who is right for you.

Research, research, research

First of all, they need to be someone you trust.  If you are wondering how you find someone trustworthy when you don’t have a lot of time to look or to get to know them, you have to rely on friends, reviews, the internet, and your gut. Ask the people whom you spend time with and the people you work with who they would trust to sell their homes.  It’s a good idea to ask your neighbors because they have a more localized viewpoint which can help you sell your home in your neighborhood.  Internet stalking is a good thing when it comes to choosing an agent.  Check out what people are saying about the agent.  Examine his/her website for additional information.  Check out reviews on social media and on review boards before you decide on two to four agents that you’d like to meet in person.

Hold interviews and trust your gut

Don’t just go with other people’s opinions.  Meet with the agents to see what kind of feel you get from them.  Don’t just interview one person; shop around!  Trust your gut, but also ask for recommendations.  Calling those individuals and asking them specific questions can help you get a better perspective on what kind of agent they are.  

Track record and chemistry are both important

Choose an agent who not only has a good track record but is someone that you feel is genuine and relatable.  Find out if they have a similar world view as you do and can relate to the circumstances that are requiring you to buy or sell a new home.  Listen closely to their answers and examine what kind of personality they have and whether it jives with yours.  Do they appear to be honest?  Having a good natural chemistry with them is important, too!  You want to feel that you can be open and honest with them about how things are going.  If it feels at all awkward or uncomfortable then you definitely need to keep looking.

Negotiate about their negotiation skills

Ask them to share their most difficult negotiation and share how they were able to meet their clients’ needs.   Ask them about the risks and downsides of selling/buying right now.  Then look for someone who answers those questions honestly and doesn’t just try to tell you what they want to hear.  More importantly, look for someone who will give you data and factual evidence and not just sunshine!

Arrange a few interviews and ask them the following questions that are important to you: 

  • Why did you go into real estate? What do you find is most important about your role?
  • How would you describe yourself as a realtor? What are your strengths?
  • What kind of training have you received to help you in buying and selling homes?
  • What was the average ratio between the listing price and the final selling price?
  • How many homes have you sold in the last six months? 
  • How many clients are you actively working for currently?
  • How many homes have you sold or helped people buy in our neighborhood?
  • What do you know about the neighborhood we want to buy or sell in?
  • How many support staff do you have to help you in the buying and selling process?
  • Would you be able to give me a few references to call?
  • How important is the internet to selling a home?  How will you market my home?
  • How will you communicate and how often regarding my search or sale?
  • What are your commission percentages and please explain the rate?

Buying or selling a home is too big of a job to do yourself!  Selecting an agent is a huge part of getting the support you need and doing it right.  Take your time.  Find the right agent, and then let them do their job while you relax!

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