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Prep Your Home For Sale With These Landscaping Trends

It isn’t quite time for spring fever yet, but it is never too early to be thinking about what you want to do to with your landscaping. Likewise, if you are thinking about selling your home this spring or summer then curb appeal and outdoor spaces are where it is at! This year there are plenty of trends for all aesthetics and sensibilities for your home to give a great first impression to potential home buyers, or who knows, maybe these projects will be just for your enjoyment! According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals, 2020’s landscaping trends veer on the side of functional, cool, and contemporary.

Staying green

Many homeowners will continue to look for materials that minimize their carbon footprint and are made with recycled and reused materials. Many manufactures have listened and are providing more materials like composite decking made of 90% recycled wood and landscaping solutions that protect wildlife and reduce pollution in the air, soil, and water. Likewise, designers are looking for more sustainable ways to beautify your home while benefiting the environment including trees that minimize erosion, and shrubs and bushes that attract pollinators like bees and butterflies.

There is every reason to be blue

Blue is the color of 2020 as designated by the primo paint predictor Panetone. It isn’t just paint that homeowners and designers are turning to; more blues are being used in the outdoors. Blue flowers like the hydrangea, delphinium, and even purplish salvia will make a trendy statement. Likewise, outdoor furniture, accents, sculptures, water features, and functional objects like birdbaths come in all shades of blue to help homeowners add the cool color palette to their outdoor spaces.

Patterns are the wave of the future

The NALP predicts that patterns will take over as the main design choice in walkways, patios, retaining walls, etc… just like they have on the inside of the home. Chevrons, lattice weaves, basket weaves, and yes, waves will dominate the hardscape and give your home major outdoor appeal.

Contemporary design for contemporary life

A contemporary and modern aesthetic is predicted to dominate design decisions for millennials and Gen Xers. Along with sleek lines and sophisticated patterns and geometric shapes, this style is much lower maintenance, includes less vegetation and greenery, and has multi-seasonal functions. “Multi-season functionality is essential as more homeowners are selecting elements that can survive a range of temperatures, such as native plants, heat lamps, and protective structures,” according to the NALP. Also, sculptures and other features with harder, cleaner lines win out over softer and ornate.

Giving in to the green thumb

It is the year of the green thumb predicts the NALP. In 2020, gardens will continue to be a trend as homeowners take more time doing activities that are relaxing and inspire mindfulness. Likewise, people are insistent about knowing where their food is coming from and want to be assured that the foods they eat aren’t being grown with pesticides and other toxic chemicals. Homeowners are much fonder of the food-to-table concept and want to bring that concept into their own homes. With so many options out there like container gardens, vertical wall gardens, ornate edible gardens, homeowners aren’t limited to that corner garden anymore, and they are taking advantage of the cool design element edible gardens can have for their landscaping as well as the yum factor for their bellies!

Smart and Easy

Like last year, homeowners are continuing to look for smart options for caring for their outdoor and indoor spaces. One-click irrigation is predicted to be one of the more popular trends for 2020. The systems’ highlights are they only provide the goldilocks amount of water which saves money and conserves water. Likewise, with the aid of your phone apps, the yard can be watered or not watered with the touch of a button whether you are at the office or off to Tahiti.

It’s never too early to start planning how to beautify your outdoor space. Whether you are selling your home or want to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible from the comfort of your home, implementing some of these trends are sure to please owners and buyers alike.

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