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Moving forward: Selling and buying a home during COVID-19

Buying a home during COVID-19

It is a scary time for most Americans and people worldwide. There is so much uncertainty… There is also the reality that we can’t totally put our whole lives on hold indefinitely, and some people were in the middle of making some necessary big changes in their lives like finding a larger home, needing to move for a job, or wanting to be near family in times of crisis. Fortunately, real estate agents and the industry are making changes that allow you to continue to buy and sell safely amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are a few changes that are being seen across the nation to help people continue to sell and buy real estate during these unique times.

Virtual tours

While most open houses are being canceled, and rightfully so, during this time of social distancing, virtual tours are a great way to get your home seen and for buyers to check out what is on the market. Virtual reality is a very cool technology that gives home buyers the opportunity to walk through a home without physically taking a tour. This technology is a great way to preview a number of homes or to market your home while practicing social distancing. Likewise, with apps like facetime and zoom, many agents who have been in a home are able to talk buyers through the virtual home tour and point out a home’s positive attributes without making any physical contact. Not only are these new technologies helpful during this time, it is likely that they will continue to appeal to many even when “social distancing” isn’t necessary.

Individual showings

It may surprise you to know that many showings are still occurring around the nation. The difference is that home sellers and agents are thoroughly cleaning homes between each showing. Many agents won’t show homes that are currently lived in because of the increased risk but are willing to individually show homes that are currently vacant. Expect that your agent will be there to make sure everything is open (including interior days) and clean, but they will let you tour the home on your own and follow-up with you after the tour while still following social distancing guidelines.

Silver linings

The real estate industry is being affected just like a majority of industries, and for some home buyers, they just can’t afford to wait until things are more certain. While nothing can replace an in-person relationship between a realtor and buyers/sellers, these new adaptations at least give people options. And, while buying a home is certainly not idyllic right now, there are some advantages including the drop in interest rates which is great news for buyers. Another advantage is you can take a little more time to peruse. It also isn’t as competitive, and you don’t have to make up your mind and get a bid in quite as quickly.

While everything is in the air, it is always a good idea to consider making a goal, whether it is getting in shape, spending an extra hour with your kids or finding a home. Taking your time and being extremely choosy while also being able to capitalize on low interest rates, may not be such a bad thing.

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