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Simple DIY tips for staging your home

Sure, you can pay for staging, but if you are still living in your home, it is nice to keep some semblance of normalcy while you are trying to sell your home (not to mention you can save money). The main goals as you stage your home need to be centered around making your home look and feel clean, bright, and cared for as well as roomy and open (including the inside of closets and drawers). Here are some simple DIY tips for staging your home that will go a long way in making a good impression on potential buyers.

The Entryway

This is the first impression inside of your home, so you will want it to speak to potential buyers. To start with, you will want to declutter! Clean out the hallway closet and put any seasonal items into storage tubs in your storage area and get rid of items you haven’t used for a couple of years. Keep the décor simple and elegant. Don’t leave it too sparse, hang a hat or jacket on the hooks, leave a few decorative items on the hallway table like a plant or vase with flowers (artificial will do), and a nice new front door rug. For sure, give your entryway a fresh coat of paint.

The Living Area

Remove as many personal items as you can like your photos. You want buyers to come in and be able to visualize themselves in “their” new home. You don’t have to redecorate, but certainly declutter if you are someone who has a lot of décor, knickknacks, and baubles. If you are a minimalist who maybe looks like they haven’t quite moved in yet, consider adding some warmth and color with a rug, a plant, and maybe a few books. Get rid of any extra furniture (small end tables, that extra chair) to make the space look larger. Add some brightly colored pillows to liven up the space and consider adding a large mirror in the room if you don’t have one (you can take it to your new house to brighten up the space and enlarge it). Paint any walls that are looking faded or drab. A fresh coat of ivory, tan, or light gray will make the room look cleaner, newer, and bigger. Consider painting over that fuchsia wall that looked fabulous for you but might be too much for others. Finally, make sure your window coverings are simple and airy.

The Bathrooms

The most important aspect of staging your bathroom is making sure it is spotless even in the places you don’t think home buyers would look. Make it look like you would want it to look every day if you possibly had the time. Perhaps buys one new set of towels and a rug to use on days your home is shown. Be sure to clean out the cupboards and the shower as people will likely take a peek.

The Kitchen

This room is the biggest selling point for most buyers. Anything you can do to make it more open, modern, and clean will make it more appealing. De-clutter your counters. Store as many of the appliances as you can store in cupboards or drawers. Organize all your cupboards and get rid of things you never use. Be sure to straighten your pantry and your refrigerator. And, do not to make bacon the morning of; instead, throw in a pan of cookies (nothing says home than the smell of freshly baked cookies). Give your kitchen walls a fresh coat of paint. It will cover any cooking smells and give the room a fresh, clean appearance. Also consider whether your kitchen could use some new lights, new cupboard/draw pulls, a new faucet; you can usually update those things for a small but smart investment.

Other Tips

If you can afford to, it is a great investment to have your house deep-cleaned by a professional or yourself. Potential buyers will be able to focus on the potential of the home instead of the grease splatters on the ceiling. Also, if you have pets, it’s a great idea to get your carpets cleaned to remove any unpleasant odors. Likewise, when your home is being shown, don’t forget to take your pets with you!

Staging your home is an effective way of making your home more appealing to a broad scope of buyers; it is well worth the time and effort. And worst case scenario, you don’t sell your home. The good news, you’ve just decluttered your home and made it a bit more Feng Shu for your own relaxation and enjoyment!

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