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Wondering if you can sell your home in the winter? Yes, you can!

Sometimes we have the option to decide when we want to sell our home. Other times, we may be at the mercy of a new job, a family crisis, or some opportunity that forces us to sell our home. Whether you get to choose or not, sometimes circumstances or life choices force us to sell our home during the winter. Despite what you may have thought, selling your home in the winter can be a winning proposition!

There is a demand

While spring and summer are more ideal times to sell homes in the central and northern states, fall and winter can be great as well. Let’s face it, if you have to move and sell, there are people who are having to move and buy. While the people who just want to get out of a rental, upgrade, or downsize are in smaller command during the winter, there are still going to be people in need of homes.

While less competition from other buyers may be true, it is also true that serious buyers are shopping for a home in the winter. In the spring and summer, there are many more lookey-loos who just enjoy dreaming and looking for their perfect home, while wintertime brings out those buyers who mean business.

December and January are when corporations are giving their employees bonuses and promotions, which means that some people are going to be inspired to upgrade to a bigger space, a nicer neighborhood, or get out of that rental property. They may also have to move to a new location in order to accept that promotion–making your home a hot commodity. Likewise, if these home buyers have a family, they will likely be in a hurry to get their family settled before the new school year starts, making lengthy negotiations less likely.

Find the right realtor and anything is possible

A good realtor will help you to quickly sell your home any time of year, but they may also have some dedicated time in the winter to get your home sold. Finding the right realtor is critical any time you sell a home, so make sure to interview more than one realtor to find the one that is the right fit for you. He/She should be someone whom you feel you can be open and honest with, who has a lot of experience, and whom you feel is the right fit for you.

Demand is high, but inventory is low

In the state of Michigan, along with many other states, there is a housing shortage. In the winter, people are less likely to put their homes on the market creating a lack of homes for buyers. Low inventory in the winter can pay off huge for sellers. Serious home buyers have less inventory to choose from, so your lovely home will be a serious contender. Less quality inventory with likely inspire those buyers to make a serious offer quickly to nab your home before someone else does.

Winter ambiance and functionality

In the wintertime, you can show off your home’s winter attributes. If you have a home that heats easily, has a lovely fireplace, or has a hot tub in the back, you can use those attributes to hook buyers. Does your home have south facing windows or a driveway that helps to create warmth and functionality? Do you have a new furnace or roof? These attributes can help you sell your home more easily in the winter than in the spring and summer.

You can also use the holidays as a way to showcase your home’s ambiance to entice serious buyers. They will take one look at the Santa and sleigh decoration by the chimney, the twinkling lights on the tree, and the smell of fresh pine candles or sweet buttery sugar cookies baking in the oven and want it for themselves.

Moving costs less

Some people are inspired to move in the fall and winter because the costs are way down from the other months. Rental van companies and those with moving services are throwing out incentives which can entice buyers who are already excited to get into a new home.

Sometimes the stars don’t align, and we have to sell our home during the winter months, but fortunately, the stars not aligning in the spring, summer, or fall, can actually be a great thing! There are serious buyers out there all year long, and if your home has a lot to offer, winter might just be the perfect time to sell.

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