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Just like summer temperatures, the housing market is heating up

housing market

The first wave of the pandemic made many people hesitant to make any changes especially such large ones, like selling or buying a home, and rightfully so. The spring market, which is usually quite good, slowed way down. But today, things are heating up. This uptick in the housing market can be attributed to those who have put home selling/buying on the back burner during the pandemic shut down are now braving the waters. Because: 1) businesses have opened up and an air of “business as usual” has commenced, 2) people having a better sense of where they stand with employment, and 3) of months of isolation at home, people are realizing the importance of loving one’s home–people are starting to gain more confidence and move forward with decisions to sell and buy. With low interest rates and low inventory, buyers and sellers should and are taking the plunge.
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